We Are Bigger Than EtherDelta and Cryptokitties Put Together -IDEX

Meeting O. Progress || MAY 5, 2019


One of most popular cryptocurrency Decentralized exchange IDEX has claimed that their Contract is bigger than EtherDelta and Cryptokitties put together, saying its user spent over 2.9% of the total Ethereum Mining fee in 2018. The claim was made in their 1Q publication on 29 April 2019, through their medium channel.


IDEX claim on the medium post is based on Etherscan transaction chart which placed them as number one Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with the highest transactions all time. As at the time of this writing, the ranking shows IDEX having over 3.73 Million transactions all time which is over 39.38% of the total transaction recorded on Etherscan. The chart also shows Ether Delta having over 3.43 Million which is about 36.27% all time transaction, this place them on the second position.


The claim reads "In 2018 the Ethereum miners earned $148M in gas fees, and IDEXusers paid $4.4M of that! Additionally IDEX has become the largest contract onthe Ethereum network, surpassing both EtherDelta and Cryptokitties in the fall of 2018”.


IDEX also reveals its plan of launching the IDEX 2.0 in the publication with friendlier user interface (UI) and UX. The design is said to have been completed, waiting for implementation which will be done soon.


In the publication,while counting their success and thanking their users with promises on how they will do even better, they promised reduction of fees which reads. “Reducing our usage of the underlying network will drive down the fixed costs of trading on IDEX and address one of the biggest pain points of trading on a DEX”.