Prince Charles Said Blockchain Is 'Very Interesting'

Meeting O. Progress || MAY 8, 2019


A prominent member of the United Kingdom royal family Prince Charles has said he believe that blockchain is an interesting development, according to video tweeted by candid during a Meet and Greet on May 7th 2019.

While visiting Berlin, Prince Charles engaged with spectators outside the Brandenburg Gate, at one point responding to a question from a cryptocurrency Twitter community member.

“What do you think about bitcoins? Blockchain, bitcoins, cryptocurrency?” the fan asked Charles, who at first appeared confused.

Afterwards, he seemed to remember that he was aware of the technology, and then he responded:

“Blockchain...very interesting development.”

While the U.K. government has taken a conservative stance on cryptocurrency that has been interpreted as negative, the royals have so far remained quieter about the phenomenon.

In recent times, there has been  high-profile pesonalities talking about bitcoin in this report by  Cointelegraph, one of the country’s most senior lawyers delivered a speech last week in which he suggested the ubiquity of both crypto and smart contracts was inevitable.

“Thus far, the legal uncertainty that pervades the use of so-called crypto currencies and cryptoassets for financial transactions has meant that the starting line has not been crossed,” Sir Geoffery Vos, Chancellor of the High Court, said. Vos also stated:

“It will be crossed at some stage soon. That is for sure.”