The Hacker Behind Alleged Binance Data Leak Preparing To Release More Data

Cryptoinformers || AUGUST 16, 2019


The hacker behind private user data leak, claimed to have been stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Binance is warming up to release further materials via twitter on Aug. 16.

The hacker who go by the twitter name Bnatov Platoon published an outline of Binance Know-Your-Customer (KYC) records allegedly in his or her possession.

While the are other posts, one of the tweet is written "Warming up" with a document.

Without a given timeframe for the potential release, the hacker included records of Telegram chats, including with a user described as a member of Binance’s customer service team. 

Another appeared to show an attempt to trick the hacker into visiting a dangerous website address, under the guise of the address containing fresh KYC data.

On Aug. 7 a dedicated telegram channel started uploading KYC informations of users which the admin of the channel claimed it gained from Binance exchange. Binance in official statement however denied the allegations.